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10 Ways to Improve Spinal Health

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

1. Lower back pressure

Cobra/Seal Stretch

Using a Yoga mat or forgiving surface, lie on your stomach and place palms on the floor fingers facing forward, legs together, elbows toughing your side and push your torso above the naval until you can see the ceiling with your chess held high.

2. Spinal Alignment


Using pull up bar or safe substitute, grip and suspend your full wait on the grip while touching your toes on the floor.

3. Muscular Tension


Standing straight spread feet to opposite sides toes facing forward with heels parallel. Raise Elbows to shin level hands relaxed and turn torso to pin elbows to either side of you perpendicular to your stance. Also applicable to the 'Hangs' mentioned above.^

4. Upper Back Pressure

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

5. Stabilizing Muscle Groups

Farmers Walks

Pull Ups (wide grip)


One Arm Planks

6. Primary Muscle Groups




7. Primary Muscle Groups

Wall Sits

Hang Swings

8. Abdominal Support



Russian Twists

Scissor Kicks

Bicycle Crunch

9. Neck Pressure


Chin Raises

10. Neck Muscles

Yes's - Up and down

No's - Sided to side

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