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What is the most effective Martial Art?

Its not easy choosing a Martial Art for many reasons, people have many different desires for their Martial Arts experience.

The following will be an evaluation of which discipline is the best for protecting yourself.

Tai Chi 20

Not meant for combat purely therapeutic.

Aikido 19

Wrist locks with out positional control are mostly theatrical.

Ninjutsu 18

Relying on stealth does not properly show defensive capabilities.

Hapkido 17

Watered-down kickboxing and a focus on multiple step reactions.

Wing Chun 16

Rotating and intercepting hand techniques are unreliable in sparring.

Kendo 15

Is effective if armed with a Katana or weapon of similar proportions or balance.

Karate 14

Watered Down Kickboxing and a focus on multiple step reactions.

Kali 13

Effective if sticks or rods are nearby.

Fencing 12

Effective if long stick is nearby.

Jiu Jitsu 11

Effective unarmed striking and grappling but not ideal.

Capoiera 10

Phenomenal coordination and distance management with deadly kicks.

Tae Kwon Do 9

Phenomenal coordination, kicks and footwork.

Judo 8

Ability to choose where the fight takes place positional advantages competition proven.

Boxing 7

Distance, stopping power, coordination, reaction time and evasive maneuvers competition proven.

Kickboxing 7

Distance, stopping power, coordination, competition proven.

Krav Maga 6

Awareness, mentality, weapon competency, unarmed competency.

Lethwei 5

Mentality, clinche, stopping power competition proven.

Muay Thai 4

Mentality, clinche, determining where the fight takes place, distance, stopping power.

Wrestling 2

Choose where the fight takes place, competition proven.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 1

The best self defense discipline and should be taught as a prerequisite for becoming a soldier or police officer.

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