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Why All Kids Should Try Martial Arts

Picking an extracurricular activity for your child can be a difficult decision.

Music provides creativity and cultural knowledge.

Team sports provide athleticism and community.

Visual arts develop fine motor skills and patience.

So what is so special about Martial Arts? Many things!

(Short Answer) Becoming a Martial Artist allows a person to harness true courage and perseverance.


Accountability and Respect:

Your performance as an individual will not leave you sidelined due to a poor performance. Competition in Martial Arts requires decorum and civility. The respect and mercy you show to fellow students must be returned in kind, forming bonds of trust.

Achievement and Sacrifice:

Difficult training is rewarded with the merit of a belt, badge, or ranking you can wear to show long term progression and skill acquisition. By the time you understand the fundamentals you can be creative and develop your own personal style.

Openness and Acceptance:

All Martial Arts have a rich culture and display the different warrior spirits behind every man and woman of any age. There are are few sports or creative pursuits that can boast the diversity shown in Martial Arts competitions and demonstrations.

Quality of Life:

By knowing how to control yourself in a self defense situation you learn how to react responsibly and prevent unnecessary problems in your life. Martial Artists are better family members, better friends, and better citizens because of the lessons they learn on the mat.